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Sacred Space

Updated: May 22, 2020

We all know that light is a form of energy that helps us see everything around us. So, with the return of the light (Spring soon to be Summer) we will have more light than darkness. Even in the midst of this Corona Virus.

How Does Light Affect Us?

Around this season we see more people cleaning out their homes, rooms, closets, garages, and yards. We actually start to feel the need to organize our own space. We begin to clean and tidy up our space.

The light contributes to our feeling this so-called cleaning, purging. We consciously release the stagnant fall/winter feeling. During spring we spring forward (hence even the clocks spring forward), feeling reawakened, reborn. Just as the flowers start to bloom, birds continuously singing, butterflies and dragonflies in the midst. We find ourselves feeling a new growth. We see it all around us, even I started to plant and can’t wait to see the hibiscus flowers start to bloom.

We begin to move around more, and more expanding in the light, the warmth and heat. This is the time we begin to strongly feel “action oriented”. Preparing ourselves to start applying the dreams that call us out, all our silent calling, our plans. That’s why we start to clean our homes, our closets, the office space and even our car/s. So that the old stagnant, heavy energies of the fall/winter aren’t keeping the light ambushed.

What is Sacred Space?

Sacred space is a space that you’ve created for yourself. A place where you reflect, get centered, be quiet, have time to think and receive answers. A place where you can renew your connection with your inner self. It’s a place where you can decorate, to awaken the energy that you want to perpetuate. This is where you go when you feel stressed, you’ve had a bad day, a place where you feel at peace, free and clear. Where creativity, inspiration easily flows through you. A refection of the being that you are.

An oversight in us is that our environment affects us. Our home, our work space, our car/s, our closets. We are energy beings, and as energy beings, our environment and that includes people as well will overlap with us. So, what we surround ourselves with does become a big part of our subconscious mind, body, and spirit.

Realistically, the places where we spend the most time are an extension of our mental, emotional world, including our own spiritual practice. So, as we prioritize our life we actually begin to see the parts of our life that we have set aside, and is in need of our attention.

Just rearranging and moving things around will just bring that home. Having a place to go,

a place to breath and feel good, have good vibes, to ask for guidance, do yoga, meditate, connect with the Divine, creating a positive vision for your life. So, that being said...

What is your space saying about you right now? How can you make it your sacred space?

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