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The kindness we show to one another is an act of love, especially to our friends and family because we tolerate them.

But what about the strangers we meet each day – the person that didn’t smile at us as we crossed paths ( we can still see smiling eyes with masks on! ), the cashier at the register that’s just having a bad day and is impatient because you can’t find your wallet, or how about you not feeling it, because you’re not having a “great day”. We’ve all been here !

The challenge

It’s definitely a challenge especially because of what’s going on all around us. With all the negatives, the fears, we can easily be captured in these emotions, don’t you agree?

We can feel it as we watch tv, when we go on social media, or just talking with our friends and family that are emotionally being affected by the happenings of the world. These emotions can get to us as well. Then we might not want to be “kind “ or “loving” to anyone, including our own self. We need to be careful, be aware and just "unhook" even for a few minutes and ground ourself.

The kindness that YOU do show to others is completely the power of love. For in love, with an open heart this will move you to see with a macro vision, and not a micro. You will see and feel life around you differently.

Take the challenge with me

So.. today I challenge myself to be nice to 3 people + 1 - me ( tomorrow I will do the same, and the next day ,etc.. ) I might miss my own challenge, by a day , or by 1 person .. and that’s ok, because there’s the next day - tomorrow.

Anyone can be “kind”, but today I’m going to be… Kind… with an Open Heart… Let’s do it together, and see how we can help in the “change” the “shift” “the beacon of light that we are, for all . So that all positive acts through love and light, will make a difference, and will be seen all through out.

Much love!

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