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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

The overwhelming feeling of emotions, anxiety and some fear made me go real deep in my meditation today, digging deep in me which I knew would help me realize and recognize what exactly is going on. I know I have the power in me to recognize, accept and make the changes for me and others. So in turn it motivated me to write this blog.

Being vigilant in my work and very focused, this sometimes keeps the blinders on. I may think I’m looking out through the big window of life, but instead I’m looking through a key hole thinking as if I’m "looking out" the window and seeing the big picture.

Doom & Gloom:

The doom and gloom feeling which I know we’ve all experienced, whether it’s from our environment, the media, the conspiracy side or whichever group, narrative side it is. When we run that type of narrative through our system, our soul, and psyche for a long time that will start to “create” it in your life and that is all you will see. The grief, depression, fear, & horror. That type of energy can become a problem.

There is nothing wrong with feeling grief, depression, fear, horror. As a matter of fact these are emotions that move through us (welcome it!) and are SUPPOSE to move through us. However, if we’re not feeling “any” of this stuff, then we start to take it INTO OUR STORY. We call this being “stuck” in which happens to all of us.

This is similar to “anxiety” (which is a low-level recurring fear) that we haven’t connected with in our body, or not taking a “deep dive” into it, and just letting it out “slightly” . That’s not any different than having a dark story about the world - and that’s THE ONLY STORY you’ll have about the world. It means there’s a part of the world, a part of life you are not connected to right now. It might be because of trauma or something traumatic in your life you’ve lived through, that is now surfacing. You seeing the “negative outside” that’s triggering the “negative inside”.


Keep in mind we are a “collective”a "group mind". So, if a lot of people go into fear as it has in the last few months, where the FEAR levels did go up in March/April, then it came back and now somewhat leveling out a bit. Keep in mind how we are all affected by this energy, as a collective.

So by connecting, seeing, recognizing the “triggers”, these will allow us to ‘level out’ what will be “happening next”, rather than being “victims” of what we are seeing.

If we start to believe we are “victims” of a certain narrative, then we are not creating our future. We have the power within us, within ourselves to move forward and to create our future.

Move Forward & Create:

How we are living, where we are today is what “has been born” by us. Moving forward we get “new puzzle pieces” and as we also create with these, “new puzzle pieces” the “new” that’s born in us in our life. It’s what we have done with the circumstances that we were presented with.

Let's look at it this way... 1/2 is “our response” to what’s going on and the other 1/2 is how “our response” is to what’s going to happen next.

That’s not taking away any moment we experience as humans, in grief, in victim mode, suffering, etc. As a matter of fact, as I look back and recall all my griefs, my sufferings my victim modes - I see these as part of my healings, in my own story.

So recognizing when you are “stuck” or got “stuck” in your story (which happens to all of us) is that moving forward creating the “new puzzle pieces” changes the story in your life.

Peaks & Lows:

We all have our peaks and lows and they’re all ok, It’s not that we’re doing anything wrong. But recognize these peaks and lows. When we are in the “low” do we want to drown with the lows or learn how to swim differently with the lows?

Recognize the changes in the world and the energy. Recognizing the changes within us that no longer is soothing or entertaining, no longer fitting. When we recognize these changes we also recognize the changes in ourselves. Then you will start to recognize the “new pieces of the puzzles” in your story. You start to “connect” with that something “new”.

Self Care:

That’s why it’s very important for “self care” especially now. Something I’m definitely recognizing as I’m sure you are as well. So many of us have had the “tired feelings and moments” especially in the last few months. That feeling of being “knocked off our own axis”.

Some of us don’t have the luxury to go on vacation for a whole week or even go for a retreat. But the one thing we do have the ability and power to do is take 5 minutes several times of the day, to step outside and breathe.

We have the power to step away for 5 minutes from the “external stimulating energy” around us. 5 minutes with no tv, cell phone, no electronics, no emails, shut the door and just breathe!

Tell your family you need 5 minutes of “me time”. I’m sure they’ll understand and would want you to take that time for yourself because they can probably see and feel how your energy is affecting their energy by what’s triggering you.

Some people will go and meditate for 5 minutes to settle and calm. For me, I just let everything go “clear”, like a “white canvas”.

Take that 5 minutes to take care of whatever it is stirring you inside, and allow it to move. Recognizing the importance of your ”self care” will help you become more balanced, and will help you think clearer, will help you feel better than you felt an hour ago. Be kind to yourself. This will help you recognize how important you are to yourself, and put things in the right perspective!

Challenge for you: When will you "start" to take 5 minutes several times each day for you?

Much love!

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