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My name is Maria O'Precio, and leaving the corporate world in the optical sales for over 20 years. My journey has brought me to this point of service.
Guiding the transformation of the lives of others.  To see people change and liberate themselves from the old programming and teachings that they've lived by , an imprisoned  past.
Guiding you through your own confidence and empowerment of CHANGE!
As a Professional Life Coach, an Intuitive Channeled Reader, an Energy Mover - who moves and removes the energies that is no longer for your highest of good through the various modalities of Energy Healing. Through Reiki, Trance-Healing, Shamanism, Quantum Touch and Candle Healing. My service is always done with an open heart , and always for the greatest and highest of all good. Through the guidance of Source. 
Embarking on your journey, let's work together to find the genuine - You! 
  Much Love!

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