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There are no words to express the gratitude and the appreciation , to discover the feelings inside of me knowing that I am here to be of service, to serve Spirit
( you may have other names God, Jesus, Buddha, Spirit, Source etc..), to be in service and to guide . 
My name is Maria O'Precio, and as an Energy Healer I am here to help guide you through heart centered teaching and healings. Bringing transformation to the lives of others because it brings me joy. To see people change and liberate themselves is such a privilege for me to see. The end result truly is my turn-on! 
To empower you to live a well balanced, healthy life. Whether it be through Reiki and other modalities of healing, to help assist you in your unveiling of  your spiritual greatness, or through Coaching leading you inward and moving you to your own power from within. 
My journey has brought me to this point of service, as an Intuitive, an
Energy Healer and a Confidence-Empowerment Life Coach. My service is always done with an open heart , and always for the greatest and highest of all good.
Embarking on your journey, let's work together to find the genuine - You! 
  Much Love!

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