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Energy In Your Space

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

From my previous blog (Sacred Space) light is a form of energy, and so we also know that it affects us mentally and physically. So, when we are in our own space and it feels awesome, we do everything to keep it feeling awesome because it just feels like we are in full alignment! However, when life gets complicated and crazy, we lose control of our own space. You lose that feeling of that “awesomeness” and dream space, then you start to feel not good enough, disconnected from the environment, yourself, you feel – off. Most of us feel that our surroundings our own environment don’t reflect who we are or who we wish to become, but the truth is they are exactly who we are.

The definition of disconnect is to sever or interrupt the connection. So generally, that’s what we do we disconnect from our environment and from ourselves. Not any different from shutting off the current from an appliance by removing its connection to a power source. Our physical environment – society unfortunately does not talk or discuss how energy as being relevant in our lives. So, because we “miss this disconnect” we don’t see our homes in a holistic way. As a matter of fact, we think we are separate from our environment and each other. Isn’t that how some of us have been taught?

This is a deep spiritual, and healing practice so please make sure to take the responsibility of your own environment and surroundings. This is also revealing of us and what’s really in our heart. You may be super amazing at so many things and others may acknowledge you for all the amazingness that you are (as a matter of fact I know your amazing), but your home will always reveal the part of you that is “unhealed”. It will always reveal how you’ve abandoned yourself.

Let’s look at how the energy in our homes can become stagnant and very toxic:

Mess & Clutter:

The mess and clutter in our home are unfinished “actions” and represent a lack of self-support, ungroundedness and self-abandonment. These are situations that brings challenge to your space, which makes it very difficult to concentrate or relax, it may even be disruptive in your sleeping habits which will in turn affect your emotions and moods that bring confusions to the mind. So, we want to finish our actions and at the end of our day purifying the space and release the energy of the day.


If your home is your work space and is a heavy traffic of clients and or just a lot of people coming into your space that create an edge that destabilizes it, contributing “their” energy to the space. You will require more cleansing and conscious attention to the condition of the energy in that space. This is very important for you and can prevent burn out.


If you or someone you share your space with spends a lot of time in a “low emotional state”, your space may feel very dark and heavy feeling. It may be difficult to be in a positive state of mind, or even create and build a positive momentum. Low emotional states with no cleansing can begin to throw off the energy in your home – your physical and internal home. Often times, just rearranging the furniture’s around, bringing in a live plant, and or bring in more light in the space can “start” the process, but I can only emphasize on how it’s imperative for a space to be cleansed.

The Mind:

A very busy chaotic energy mind or a psychic mind without any kind of “grounding” can actually stir up the ethers and make it difficult to focus.

So, this means if you’ve been working on paper work for several hours, and or doing A LOT of psychic work, you may want to go in and ground that intense mental space. Having this intense chaotic mind energy, can make you feel very scattered, light headed, overwhelmed and may open portals with “intense focus”. This needs grounding - meditate and really go deep within, and or sit under a tree with your back against the tree.

So, to recap…some of the above situations mentioned can challenge the “subtle fields” of your space. It may also be difficult for you to concentrate or relax, and as I mentioned above even disturb your sleeping patterns. It can put an “edge” to your emotions and bring confusion to your mind.

My rituals-my main focus every day is bringing attention to my space consciously creating a supportive environment. By doing this I actually become good in “sensing the atmosphere” of my home, clearing my space and bringing in supportive, healing, creative loving energies. I also journal every day to slow the chattering of the day then I meditate.

What are some of your rituals, how do you overcome “disconnect energy in your space”? Care to share?

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